Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Homage to Norm McDonald - The 2009 Utah Legislative Session

Comedian Norm Macdonald, when he anchored Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update," had a bit where he would report on a story such as this one (from a transcript of a 1994 SNL episode):
"A new study says that people who quit smoking have healthier lungs. Yet another groundbreaking story from the pages of the medical journal, "DUH" ... [Image of the October 1994 cover of DUH which features a photo of a doctor and lists a few articles: EXERCISE IS GOOD, MEDICINE CAN HELP, SMOKING IS BAD, EAT RIGHT FOR BETTER HEALTH and CANCER CAN CAUSE DEATH -- cheers and applause]"

In homage to Norm McDonald, I report the following story from the 2009 Utah Legislative Session:

The Utah Legislature amended Subsection (5) of § 30-3-11.3 (pertaining to the Mandatory educational course for divorcing parents) to include the following new provision, "(5)(b) The [mandatory educational course for divorcing parents] shall instruct both parties that domestic violence has a harmful effect on children and family relationships."
(emphasis mine)

Aren't you glad to see the Legislature is doing its part to educate divorcing parents as to the painfully obvious?

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