Monday, January 11, 2010

France Mulling Making "Psychological Abuse" a Crime

The French parliament is mulling a law that would recognize a new crime of “psychological violence.”
Among the provisions is Article 17, which provides (translated):
“To submit a spouse to acts or words repeated with the effect of degradation of living conditions of the victim that may affect his rights and dignity and bring about a deterioration of his physical or mental health is punishable by three years of imprisonment and a € 75,000 fine.
NPR reported on this development, then held an interview with Dr. Steven Stosny, a psychologist.
The following is my transcript of a January 8, 2010 interview broadcast on NPR between Michele Norris and Dr. Stosny. Here is the link to this interview:


Anonymous said...

You're a douche. Your comments were ignorant and unintelligent.

Eric K. Johnson, Attorney at Law said...

To the anonymous poster and occupant of a glass house who the who called me names and gratuitously concluded that my posting entitled "France Mulling Making "Psychological Abuse" a Crime" was "ignorant and unintelligent":

I welcome debate on the subject of whether "pscychological abuse" of the kind contemplated by France is wise or warranted. You've seen my analysis, generously seasoned with sarcasm--yes, yet my point is clear, and I submit, compelling, as well as sincere. If you assert that my points are unintelligent and ignorant, please demonstrate why. All I ask is that you do not resort to ad misericordiam or ad hominem argument.